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ThinkJudaism is a combination of several blogs, each written from a different perspective, and with different goals in mind.

So why are we all blogging together?

Because we believe that by taking the time to consider and investigate Judaism we can show that it is deeper and more complex than previously understood. And because we all think this idea applies to a lot of different issues and areas, we’re going to think about (and blog about) a lot of different things.

Our ideas and opinions may not necessarily mix, but we will all be participating in the continuity of the same Jewish tradition, and all of us will be writing in light of our shared past and future. Jewish living needs Jewish thought, and sometimes Jewish thought needs Jewish blogging.

We hope that you find this blog interesting and informative, and that at the very least, you will prefer reading it over doing your work.

Yitzchok Tendler

Avi Bieler

Russ Shulkes

Avi Kallenbach

Yitzchak Sprung

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