How many principles of the Jewish faith?

How many principles of the Jewish faith?

This is a picture of the 13, -no sorry- FIFTEEN principles of the Biala rebbe. Joshua Harrison sent it to me.

Comment if you want a translation. Otherwise, see if you can spot what doesn’t look quite right…



by | June 4, 2013 · 3:55 pm

2 responses to “How many principles of the Jewish faith?

  1. Le Newyorkais

    One more time: a know-it-all Rabbi administers a loyalty oath, like Senator McCarthy, did in the 50s to make sure u r a true believer. But this time we got a Hasidic version telling us the truth that we all must believe.
    First the scary part, like a tent evangelist: “I believe with PERFECT FAITH, that He knows when u r sleeping, He knows when u r awake, He knows when u’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake….yada yada yada.” The goyim have their won version of this theme: Jesus, Saint Nick, and Big Brother.
    Then some boilerplate beliefs about the past and future, each time repeating the mantra: “I believe with PERFECT FAITH.” God (“may his NAME be blessed”) leads the world, etc.
    Then he piggybacks his personal heroes onto Moses: Rashbi, Luria, Besht, r elevated to Godhead status.
    Then, u just GOTTA believe that the dead will rise from the grave, and that the Jews r God’s chosen people.
    Rabbis: get out your stampers and certify each of us kosher or treyf! Well, at least OUR rabbis r not charlatans–right?
    All I can do right now is to thank God (may His NAME be blessed) we do not live in a theocracy! Hey, Rabbis, get off of your power trip!

  2. Shmuly z.

    It all looks true to me.

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