Haveil Havalim!

Today we are hosting the Haveil Havalim Blog Carnival, which gathers some great posts each week from around the Jewish blogosphere (not a real word). I hope you enjoy it!

Not surprisingly, we have a lot about Channukah:

You might start off your Channukah reading by counting Chanukiyot with The Real Jerusalem Streets, or check out the lighting at the Western Wall or in a Yeshiva, or you might want to learn about a new Channuka game (for the last day!) over at me-ander.

Alternatively, you might take this opportunity to learn more about traditional Channuka recipes with with some non-traditional teachers, or simply enjoy the other delicious looking recipes there.

Finally, a little Channuka puzzle and holiday fun finishes off Channuka over at Tomer Devora. Don’t forget to tell her what you think!

Getting into the Parsha and Torah a bit, you might want to check out the ways of a Zaddik with the Heart of Adam, where he also has some thoughts about Yosef and making this world a spiritual one.

Of course, among bloggers, Judaism, politics, and Zionism, are often intertwined. That’s why Esser Agaroth has something to say about the Maccabees, what’s “unjewish”, and government policies.

That’s also why Batya Medad’s musings focus on Zionism, Channukah, and Heroism.

We also have a short post from Ariel Ben Yochanan proving the IDF isn’t a Jewish army. I don’t agree with him myself, but check it out at the Torah Revolution!

Finally, politics and God meet again for an Israeli soldier mother, who has a lot of thoughts about her homeland, E1, and speaking to people with a very different perspective.

For more political analysis and new Jewish mindset, check out what Yoel Meltzer has to say, but if you just want to learn more about Israel by taking a trip, then let me-ander be your guide!

Lastly, at Beneath the Wings you can read some powerful thoughts about recovering from loss, or enjoy a nostalgiac look at her very first post, which deals with some thoughts about weight loss.

I hope you enjoy, and have a (last bit of) Channuka Sameach!

Note: Haveil Havalim is a weekly blog carnival that includes posts from all around the Jewish blogosphere, and anyone can join the facebook group and contribute or just follow it!

Basically, each week the host will post on the facebook group how they would like to receive your contributions, and it’s a great opportunity to get your blog out there while getting to know some other bloggers and seeing what the Jewish blogosphere is up to.

Next week’s is going to be hosted by Esser Agaroth, and I hope you decide to check it out and join!



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  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for hosting and for including my submissions!

    Linked here:

    Haveil Havalim #390 Is Up!

    and here:

    Haveil Havalim #390

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